Music is my creative outlet. I'm currently learning guitar, vocals, piano, and music theory. It's a challenge, but I believe pushing myself outside my comfort zone is key to mental well-being.

In 2023, I took a leap and wrote a song! I even recorded it at the legendary Hyde Street Studios (you can check out the music video on YouTube). The Brothers Koren, some incredibly gifted singer-songwriters, co-wrote it with me. They work with people like me - music lovers who need a little uplift to achieve their own musical ambitions.

Dave Hill Jr. recorded the drums and is pictured below.

Flyover Heroes is about the Guardians Statues in Cleveland, and is a tribute to how growing up in Cleveland shaped my adult character.

The Cleveland Guardians Statue
Album Art

A man recording acoustic guitar in a studio
Me at Hyde Street

A man behind a drumkit in a studio
Dave on the drums